We wanted to build a quick app to help people find and list their Covid-19 projects to find help and get whatever they need. Projects should be open source and non-commercial.

List of projects

Covid-Pool software

Covid-Pool software: a database tool to support SARS-Cov-2 screening using sample pooling

Software, Database, Screening, Sample pooling,

Burundi Franc

COVID Pool Testing

Working on a pool testing algorithm to improve the efficiency of test use when screening populations where COVID-19 prevalence is low

detection, medical-testing, statistics, help-wanted, machine-learning, information-theory,
Cancel Corona

Donate savings from canceled meals/drinks/etc to fight COVID

help-wanted, donate, nonprofit,
Covid Watch

We are performing automated contact tracing at scale using anonymized Bluetooth proximity sensing.

wiki, slack, help-wanted, software engineers, contact tracing, map,
Crowdfight COVID-19

An initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19

StandAgainstCorona Pledge

A project to help a large number of people to change their behaviour in ways that will slow the spread of coronavirus

Pledge, Website,
Coronavirus (COVID) Data Bot

A Facebook messenger chat bringing you the latest global data on the Coronavirus.

data, chatbot, analytics,
COVID-19 Worldwide Confirmed Cases

Simple minimal design Covid global case dashboard and map

global, dashboard,
Global Covid Dashboard

A detailed and global dashboard of Covid cases, hospitalisation counts etc.

global, dashboard,
COVID-19 Biohackathon April 5-11 2020

Over the internet we are organizing the COVID-19 Biohackathon April 5-11 2020!

competition, help-wanted, machine-learning, challenge,
FruitPunch AI Challenge

FruitPunch AI against covid-19: provide insights to contain the corona virus pandemic and its greater economic effects.

competition, help-wanted, machine-learning, challenge,
COVID-19 Scenarios

Scenario simulator for Covid-19

Pandemic Ventilator Project

Attempt to construct a ventilator design for use in a Flu Pandemic that can be made from readily available materials at the last minute

ventilator, medical-devices,
Covid Tracker (France)

Regional dashboard tracker for France

dashboard, france,

All officially confirmed cases of infection in Germany. Listed by federal state, case number, date, county and source.

github, data, germany,
Simple Covid Tracker (India)

A simple tracker app to keep track of the Covid-19 status in India

dashboard, india,
Covid Tracker (Iran)

Iranian language covid dashboard

dashboard, iran,
CoViD-19 Dashboard Italia

Covid dashboard for Italy

dashboard, italy,
Italy ARC GIS dashboard of cases

COVID-19 Italia - Monitoraggio della situazione

dashboard, italy,

Public line list and summaries of the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea

github, data, korea,
Search mask stores (KR)

Search mask stores and availability in Korea

korea, medical-supplies,
COVID-19 CASES in US & Canada

Real-time updates from credible sources of US & Canada Covid cases by state

dashboard, data, united-states,
The COVID Tracking Project (US)

The COVID Tracking Project collects information from 50 US states,

data, united-states,
SP Covid Map Tracker

Map tool showing clusters of cases in Singapore

dashboard, singapore, visualisation,
Graph visualisation of SP cases

Graph model of connected SP coases

dashboard, singapore,
Coronavirus en Español

Panel de estadísticas en Español con los últimos datos recibidos

dashboard, spain,

A data crawler for geting COVID-19 figure from NHS official website

github, data, UK, library,

UK NHS/Dept. Health data dashboard

dashboard, UK,
Covid-19 Chest x-ray Dataset

We are building an open database of COVID-19 cases with chest X-ray or CT images.

data, data-science, machine-learning,

Global ArcGIS Covid-19 tracker

statistics, global, dashboard,
Corona Tracker

Community based corona virus tracker

forecasting, global, dashboard,

Collection script and Grafana Dashboard for tracking Progress of Covid-19

statistics, forecasting, github,
Ethiopia COVID-19 Response Task Force Community

Tech task force for Ethiopia to help deal with Covid-19 response

ethiopia, africa, task-force, help-wanted, software engineers, hardware engineers, analysts,
Modeling COVID-19 Spread vs Healthcare Capacity

Simulator to test capacity vs. demand for healthcare organisations

simulator, statistics, forecasting,

Covid-19 impact simulator for governments & medical planners

simulator, statistics,
JOGL OpenCovid19

Develop an open source methodology to safely test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 using tools as common as possible.

detection, medical-testing, slack,
CoVent Challenge

Moonshot competition hosted on Slack to develop a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilation solution

ventilator, medical-devices, competition,
Open Respirator Project

Github repo project to source respirator contributors.

ventilator, medical-devices,
Open Source Ventilator

Challenge project for engineers to join and help build open source ventilators.

ventilator, medical-devices,
The Project Open Air

Working on medical devices, such as open-source ventilators.

ventilator, medical-devices, ventilators,
Corona Virus Handbook

Community maintained set of sites with info about data, projects etc.